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The One-Legged Retirement Disaster

Few people ever think about why a three-legged stool is so stable.

photo of group of stools

Here’s a simple explanation:

A cane held in your hand, with no constraints, can move freely in three dimensions.

Now, place one end of the cane firmly on a floor. The cane can be moved in a variety of angles, but only in two dimensions due to the floor.

Next, connect two canes together at their tops, keeping their bottoms firmly on the floor. Now they can move back and forth only along an arc in a single dimension.

Finally, attach a third cane connecting the tops securely at an opposing angle. With all bottoms placed on the floor, the canes cannot move in any direction.

Thus the stability of a three-legged stool.

Years ago when inflation was low, a secure retirement income was possible only from Social Security, a company pension, and personal savings in a local bank.

Today, company pensions are quickly vanishing. Social Security must be reduced someday. The one leg of that old stool you must depend on for financial security is your personal savings and investment accounts.

´╗┐That leg must be strong enough to support a lifelong retirement to maintain the lifestyle you need and want.

Otherwise successful people who ignore economic reality, and trust the other two legs are likely heading for disappointment, if not disaster.

Have you tested your one leg to know how much it may support you and your family in a rapidly changing and uncertain world?

A good time to learn whether you are depending too much on government and employers is now.